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Our Clerk

Michael Wilcox is the Clerk of 8 Wentworth.

Michael assists the barristers with the daily administration of their practices and is responsible for the general management and administration of 8 Wentworth, aided by our Receptionist Annette Kershaw.

Michael is the primary contact for anyone wishing to ascertain the availability of counsel and counsels' fees, and is familiar with each barrister’s areas of expertise. He can assist with the selection of appropriate counsel for a particular matter.

P: 02 8231 5905
F: 02 9233 7416
M: 0410 340 644

Our mailing address and reception

8 Wentworth
Level 8,
Wentworth Chambers
180 Phillip Street
Sydney NSW 2000

P: 02 9232 7967
F: 02 9233 7416

DX: 397 Sydney

Our Annexe

8 Wentworth's annexe is located on Level 12, Lockhart Chambers, 233 Macquarie Street Sydney.

Access to members in the annexe can be obtained by contacting or visiting our Reception.

Clerk - Michael Wilcox